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We provide advice and a range of debt solutions to companies,
directors, public accountants, lawyers, creditors and individuals.

What We Do

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We provide an Advisory Hotline. We may continue to provide advice or may refer you to one of its specialist business units to provide the debt solution.

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Advisory Hotline
Free advice

A one-stop-shop to receive free, independent advice from qualified insolvency advisors


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Low Cost Company

Australia’s original and best provider of low cost company liquidations, since 2008.


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Saving your business Protecting you

Expert advice to directors of companies in financial distress.

Restructuring Works

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Fixed price solutions
Stop the stress

Practical solutions for companies and individuals struggling to pay a tax debt.


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Director Penalty Notices are confusing!

If you’ve received a Director Penalty Notice you must act now to protect yourself from personal liability.

DPN Solutions

What Defines Us

Expert advice from experienced Insolvency Advisors

We are a one-stop shop for debt advice. We and our in-house Senior Advisors:

  • Provide an unmatched range of possible debt solutions;
  • Can therefore provide the “best fit solution” or the “least drastic solution”;
  • Can provide you with a suggested way forward on the phone;
  • May refer you to one of our specialist business units;
  • Will always strive to provide a fixed price solution;
  • Have provided advice to over 8,000 indebted companies and individuals in the last 10 years.
  • Uphold the highest ethical principles;

Our Key Credentials

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Association of Independent
Insolvency Practitioners

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Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association

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The advice dilemma!

The problem with finding good insolvency advice

The world of insolvency advice is replete with untrustworthy and unqualified advisors. If you call them, you’ll find that they will likely conclude that the best solution for your problem happens to be the service that company provides:

Unqualified pre-insolvency advisors may promise that they’ll “look after you” then propose an illegal asset strip;
Liquidators will advise that liquidation or voluntary administration is best;
Lawyers will advise that you need (expensive) representation;
Tax Accountants will suggest you appoint them Tax Agent.

So What’s Next?

How to get advice

As a first step, call us at our Advisory Hotline where you will find one of our highly qualified Senior Advisors who will listen to your problem and may be able to resolve the issue for you immediately. If not, the Advisor will refer you to the business unit that will provide you with the ‘best fit solution”.

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