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You may be struggling with the challenges that insolvency produces. You’re not alone. Many businesses face these and there are a number of options you can consider. Give us a call for an initial free consultation – we understand what you and your business are going through.

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Are you facing

Any Of These Challenges?

If your company is insolvent or near-insolvent, you may be facing some of these challenges. Our team is familiar with all of them and how to address them.

icon insolvent trading

Insolvent Trading

Incurring new debts while the company is insolvent can result in personal liability. This is a significant concern for directors. Chat with our team to discuss your unique circumstances.

icon tax debt

Tax Debt

The ATO is the largest creditor for most businesses. While they can be lenient and tend to be open to payment arrangements, they also have special legal powers that can make you personally liable for tax debts.

icon notice

Director Penalty Notice

A Director Penalty Notice can make you personally liable for several kinds of tax debt. If you’ve received one it’s important to act quickly to avoid personal liability.
icon cashflow

Cashflow problems

If your business is facing significant cashflow/revenue problems and is likely to become insolvent, we can help you assess the situation.

icon statutory demand

Statutory Demand

If a creditor has issued you a statutory demand for debts owed then chat with us – this kind of situation can escalate and statutory demands are often used by creditors to test solvency.

icon payg

PAYG/Superannuation Debt

If you’re struggling to meet payroll there are mechanisms in place that can protect your employees in the event of a liquidation.

Why Contact

Insolvency Solutions Group?

You’re not alone in facing the challenges of insolvency. We speak with directors every day who come to us with a range of complex and unique circumstances.

The good news is that you have options. You don’t have to just keep plodding on hoping things will turn around. Australian law is equipped with many tools for businesses facing insolvency. From the less drastic solutions like informal restructuring, to more formal appointments, to outright liquidation, there are solutions available that can help you come out of this challenging period.

What makes us different from other insolvency advisors is that our goal is to help you figure out what the least drastic solution is. Many of the insolvency practitioners you deal with may face conflicts of interest – they are financially incentivised to recommend more drastic solutions to you. But when you call us to discuss your business circumstances, our advice is genuine.

In many of the calls we receive from companies struggling with insolvency, we are able to recommend less drastic solutions than what they’ve heard elsewhere.


Our Solutions

Our primary service to you is our corporate advisory hotline. You can call us for advice and we can talk you through your options. We also have sister companies that are flexible to assist in the event that you wish to move forward with any particular solution:

icon call

Business Advisory Hotline

We’ve run a free business advisory hotline for over a decade. We receive multiple calls from businesses struggling with insolvency every day. We offer a free initial consultation, and further consultation if needed afterwards.
icon debt solution

Debt Solutions

Many businesses facing insolvency struggle to overcome large quantities of debt to various creditors. There are ways to navigate this! Debts can be renegotiated, payment arrangements created or in special circumstances you can obtain a “haircut”.
icon restructure

Company Restructuring

A number of formal and informal company restructuring options exist. Formal appointments give breathing room to directors and can prevent creditors from pursuing debts during appointment. Informal appointments can be flexible and applicable to less drastic situations.
icon liquidation

Company Liquidation

If other insolvency solutions are unviable, company liquidation can be used to bring the company affairs to a close and can help directors avoid personal liability.

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*for a free 30 minute call to discuss your circumstances

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Expert Reports

As insolvency and restructuring practitioners with decades of experience, we are able to provide expert reports in court cases.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your initial 30 minute phone call with us is free. We offer that to all businesses and directors as it’s important to get an initial brief, and we can often recommend solutions for businesses in our initial phone call.

If further advice is needed, we charge that at different rates depending on the circumstances.

As for the insolvency solutions you may decide to utilise, the costs of those vary widely depending on the organisation size, complexity, and solutions chosen.

The Advice Dilemma!

The problem with finding good insolvency advice

The world of insolvency advice is replete with untrustworthy and unqualified advisors. If you call them, you’ll find that they will likely conclude that the best solution for your problem happens to be the service that company provides:

Unqualified pre-insolvency advisors may promise that they’ll “look after you” then propose an illegal asset strip;
Liquidators will advise that liquidation or voluntary administration is best;
Lawyers will advise that you need (expensive) representation;
Tax Accountants will suggest you appoint them as your Tax Agent.

So What’s Next?

How to get advice

As a first step, call us at our Advisory Hotline where you will find one of our highly qualified Senior Advisors who will listen to your problem and may be able to resolve the issue for you immediately. If not, the Advisor will refer you to the business unit that will provide you with the ‘best fit solution’.
Free telephone advice
We’ll be happy to meet with you
If you prefer, email us and explain your situation

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