Simplified Liquidation

Good news! The Government has introduced changes to Insolvency Laws to help small businesses.

On 1 January 2021 a new Simplified Liquidation process (it’s cheaper, details below) and a new Simplified Restructuring process (cheaper & maintains director control) were created.

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    What is Simplified Liquidation?

    Simplified Liquidation is a streamlined version of the current more comprehensive Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) process. It is the winding-up of a company when it has creditors of less than $1 Million it cannot pay.

    The concept of a Simplified Liquidation was announced by the Federal Government on 24 September 2020 with the intention to develop a simple and hence cheap liquidation process with Small Business in mind.

    We think this is a fantastic development for Australian Small Business. We have worked for over 10 years to develop streamlined processes to bring the costs down for Small Business. We welcome the introduction of new legislation allowing us to take this even further.

    We conduct hundreds of liquidations of small businesses every year. Our highly systematised approach allows us to complete the process for small to medium businesses quickly and efficiently, and therefore at the lowest possible cost, making us the prefect choice for a Simplified Liquidation.

    How Does Simplified Liquidation Differ From CVL?

    Fewer Clawbacks
    There are reduced circumstances in which a liquidator can seek to clawback an unfair preference payment from a creditor that is not related to the company.
    Less reporting to the regulator
    The liquidator is only required to report(under section 533) potential misconduct where there are reasonable grounds to believe that misconduct has occurred.
    No Meetings
    All requirements for the liquidator to call creditor meetings and the ability to form committees of inspection have been removed.
    Simplified Dividends
    The dividend process (where creditors receive a return proportionate to their debt) and the proof of debt process (where creditors provide information as to the debt they are owed, which is assessed and accepted or rejected by the liquidator) have been simplified.
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    Convenient Communication
    The liquidator can now communicate with creditors using email or web portals where they were previously restricted to post.
    What Will it Cost?
    It will depend on the circumstances but we expect the cost to be under $6,000.

    The law is now in effect. If you are interested in Simplified Liquidation, we offer simplified liquidations as a service.

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