What We Do

Insolvency Solutions Group provides a free Advisory Hotline. We provide advice and a range of debt solutions to companies, directors, public accountants, lawyers, creditors and individuals. ISG may continue to provide advice or may refer you to one of our specialist business units to provide the best fit debt solutions.

“Best Fit” Insolvency Solutions

Our Specialty Business Units

Advisory Hotline

  • Insolvency Solutions Group provides advice and a range of debt solutions to companies, directors, public accountants, lawyers, creditors and individuals.
  • A one-stop-shop to receive free, independent advice from qualified insolvency advisors.
  • Provides an unmatched range of possible debt solutions allowing us to provide the “least drastic solutions.
  • Can often provide a suggested way forward on the phone or we may refer you to one of our other specialist business units.
  • Has provided advice to over 8,000 indebted companies and individuals since 2008.

Low Cost Company Liquidation

  • Australia’s original and best provider of low-cost company liquidations, since 2008.
  • At Dissolve, we specialise in providing liquidation services to small and medium size companies and directors of those companies.
  • Over the last eight years Dissolve has been appointed liquidator to over 500 companies.
  • After we review your circumstances, if we do recommend a liquidation (we often don’t) we will be clear on what that will cost you. In most cases we’ll provide a specific fixed quote so you know what it will cost.

Saving your business. Protecting you.

  • Specialists in providing confidential, expert advice to directors of companies in financial distress by focusing on saving your business and protecting you.
  • Advisory Services: providing behind the scenes asset protection advice for directors and companies (in which case we will not accept formal appointments).
  • Voluntary Administration: Fast, effective, legal protection to save a company with a formal restructuring by an ASIC registered Voluntary Administrator.
  • Safe Harbour Restructuring: Working with directors and other advisors to restructure a company while obtaining legal protection under new legislation.
  • Managed liquidation to save a business: managing a wind-down, transferring and selling assets legally, negotiating with creditors.

Practical solutions for companies struggling to pay a tax debt.

  • Director Penalty Notice solutions: specialists in helping directors respond to DPNs.
  • Penalty Remission: assistance in getting penalties and interest refunded, often in full.
  • Payment Arrangements: assisting good businesses obtain payment arrangements with the ATO to smooth cash flow.
  • Asset Protection: if a tax debt just can’t be paid, we point-the-way to the “least drastic” solution.

So What’s Next?

How to get advice

As a first step, call our Insolvency Solutions Group Advisory Hotline where you will find one of our highly qualified Senior Advisors who will listen to your problem and may be able to resolve the issue for you immediately. If not, the Advisor will refer you to the business unit that will provide you with the ‘best fit solution”.

Free telephone advice

We’ll be happy to meet with you

If you prefer, email us and explain your situation